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Relax your facial muscles

We’ve teamed up with expert Jackie Holden (RGN INP) to offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic facial and body treatments at Sussex Implant Centre. 

Treatments include ‘wrinkle relaxing’ Botulinum Toxin (Botox™), Dermal Fillers and Silhouette Soft® non-invasive thread lift treatment. 

Enquire now or read on for more information. 



In order to treat dynamic facial wrinkles, Jackie may recommend the use of the prescription-only medication Botulinum Toxin (Botox™) following a face-to-face consultation.
Botox™ is the best Botulinum Toxin. It is a ‘wrinkle relaxing’ treatment that works to temporarily prevent the muscle contractions that cause creases and lines when the face is making expressions.  This not only helps to reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles but can prevent new lines from forming for up to 6 months.
Treatment of one area costs £219, two areas, £269 and three areas, £319. Included in the price is a treatment review at 2 weeks and further Botox ® if required. 
As a qualified Independent Nurse Prescriber, Jackie is able to both prescribe Botox® and to also carry out the treatment.


Silhouette Soft ® is a non-invasive thread lift treatment to redefine your facial contours. Achieving subtle and natural results that last for up to 18 months from one treatment.
Jackie is one of the very select few nurses trained in the most up to date technique from Silhouette Soft with over 5 years experience treating patients.
Silhouette Soft ® is a bespoke treatment and prices can vary on individual patient concerns. Prices start from £1,000.
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