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Thinking About Dental Implants?

Then you need a reliable and affordable dental expert.

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A Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

The comfort level of implants make them a natural choice for a full set of teeth, or a long-term solution for damaged, diseased or missing teeth.

Full mouth dental implants offer a few distinct benefits that make them a better option than dentures and bridges for patients with a number of missing teeth. “Teeth in a Day” is a one-day dental implant procedure that has helped many patients living with the discomfort of dentures, loose or missing teeth.


What is a Dental Implant? 

A dental implant is a titanium “root” that is inserted in your jaw, then topped with a natural-looking crown. The result is an artificial tooth (an implant) that looks, functions and feels just like a natural tooth. Patients love their dental implants!

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. We custom create a full set of implants for your mouth.

 As they are permanent and securely connected to your jaw, the implants do not come out so they feel and behave just like your natural teeth. That means there’s no need to take them out and clean them every night as is the case with dentures. You simply clean them in exactly the same way you clean natural teeth.

​Since your crowns are secured firmly in place when you have full mouth implants, it is a comfortable solution for your missing natural teeth - a solution that allows you to eat the same way you did with your natural teeth.

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One-Day Dental Implants

Major advances in dental implant technology means we can provide fixed “teeth in a day” with just a single visit for almost anyone.

In just one day, our implantologists can remove diseased teeth, place dental implants and restore to create your natural-looking teeth. After just one treatment visit, you can leave with teeth that look natural and remain healthy. You can eat, smile, laugh and speak clearly right away. Once the implants heal fully, they will be as strong as natural teeth.

Highly Experienced Private Dentists

Brighton & Hove, Sussex

After leaving your

consultation you'll know:


What dental implants are & if you are a good candidate


Whether you have dental problems that must be treated first


Steps involved in dental implants treatment


Practices to follow after treatment, to protect your dental implants

You can quickly have a beautiful smile with teeth that look and function just like natural teeth!

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Meet Our Implantologist

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Dr Werner Slabbert 

Surgical Dentist | Implantologist & Sedationist 

Dr Werner Slabbert co-founded Sussex Implant Centre and Advanced dentistry in 2017 with his father Dr Dirk Slabbert.


Dr Werner has a passion for Advanced dentistry and in particular Implantology, Oral Surgery and Sedation.


He has extensive experience in difficult extractions and implants and regularly accepts referrals from other dentists .


He has completed Oral surgery training to Specialist level.

BChD (Stell), MClinDent Oral Surgery (London), Dipl.Implants (UWC), Dipl.Sedation (Kings), MJDF RCS England

GDC REG: 237893

Why choose Sussex Implant Centre & Advanced Dentistry?

Scan and Plan - comprehensive dental health plan

Start-to-finish service (including CBCT Scans)

Advanced dental treatments provided in-house

Highly qualified dental implant surgeon

Highly qualified cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign

Sedation offered for your comfort

No commitment until you’re ready to proceed

We can do it all!

Longer appointment times; no-rush attitude

Personal approach; passion to help all ages

Dedicated to providing expert dental care


Welcome to Sussex Implant Centre

Sussex Implant Centre provides all aspects of cosmetic, Implant and general dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our clinic was founded with one aim: to provide the highest quality of private dental care in Brighton and Hove and across Sussex. We focus on quality not quantity. Longer appointment times and a no rush attitude.


We would like to get to know our patients and not just their teeth.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer the very best treatment to our dental patients and that starts with having the very best dental Scanners, X-Ray Machines, Intraoral and Extraoral Cameras. Our goal is to meet every patient's expectations and support referring dentists by providing a high level of service at all times.

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Don't worry! There will be NO selling at all.

Our primary focus is assessing and recommending

the best solution for your health and well being.


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