We have the latest technology in high definition cone beam CT scanners.

Our scanner has technology that ensures the lowest radiation dose possible - up to x10 lower than a medical CT but with much higher definition. 

With this information, we can see all the teeth, bone, nerves and blood vessels and then make extremely accurate diagnoses. It also helps in treatment planning for implant cases as we can place the implants virtually and minimise the risks when we do the actual surgery.


We only use digital X-rays which allow a rapid capture of the image and as little as 10% of the dose of traditional X-rays.

The image is displayed on the screen just seconds after exposure, significantly reducing the time needed for an intra-oral X-ray examination compared to imaging plates or conventional film.

Image Credit: Gendex


Our small and very comfortable camera provides instant images with high sharpness and outstanding colour reproduction.

Digital photography is used extensively in our practice to take records, help diagnose, plan and to demonstrate problems to patients.

We use a combination of cameras, one being a tiny intra-oral camera to take photos in the mouth and a Macro Digital SLR camera with WiFi capabilities to demonstrate and educate our patients.

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NB The clinic is on a minor road immediately south of Warren Road. 

From Brighton via Warren Road. Take the first right after Nuffield Health and then the first left. 

From Falmer Road. Turn on to Warren Road at lights, then take the first left before the Nuffield and then the first left again. 

Sussex Implant Centre is the second building (Hazel Cottage). There is patient parking outside the clinic. 

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