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A new freedom in implantology - for total compatibility between the Bone Level and Tissue Level approaches.


The Axiom® Multi Level® solution is part of the Axiom® extension and innovates with a brand-new inLink® connection. Available for both the Axiom® Bone Level and Axiom® Tissue Level, it is unique in that it is integrated into the Simeda® CAD-CAM prostheses.


The Axiom® Multi Level® is easier to use thanks to the compatibility of surgical and prosthetic solutions. The Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL versions preserve the biological space, the REG and PX profiles are suitable for a variety of clinical situations, and the Serenity® guarantee lets you work with confidence.

For more information on Anthogyr's Axiom Multi-Level Solution click here



NB The clinic is on a minor road immediately south of Warren Road. 

From Brighton via Warren Road. Take the first right after Nuffield Health and then the first left. 

From Falmer Road. Turn on to Warren Road at lights, then take the first left before the Nuffield and then the first left again. 

Sussex Implant Centre is the second building (Hazel Cottage). There is patient parking outside the clinic. 

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