Full dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. We custom create a full set of implants for your mouth.


As they are permanent and securely connected to your jaw, the implants do not come out so they feel and behave just like your natural teeth. That means there’s no need to take them out and clean them every night as is the case with dentures. You simply clean them in exactly the same way you clean natural teeth.

Since your crowns are secured firmly in place when you have full mouth implants, it is a comfortable solution for your missing natural teeth - a solution that allows you to eat the same way you did with your natural teeth.


NB The clinic is on a minor road immediately south of Warren Road. 

From Brighton via Warren Road. Take the first right after Nuffield Health and then the first left. 

From Falmer Road. Turn on to Warren Road at lights, then take the first left before the Nuffield and then the first left again. 

Sussex Implant Centre is the second building (Hazel Cottage). There is patient parking outside the clinic. 

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